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RADDI & Associates Chartered Accountants & Financial Consultants has been providing corporate, taxation, economic, financial and accounting consultancy, both nationally and internationally, for 50 years.

RADDI & Associates is a partner of JPA International, an international network of professionals, and thanks to this partnership RADDI & Associates is in an excellent position to ably guide Italian firms through the minefield of corporate, fiscal and administrative procedures involved in the complicated process of internationalization, such as setting up overseas agencies, secondary headquarters, subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Thanks to our close working relationships with key professional figures inside JPA International all over the world, we can guarantee Italian firms looking to expand into a foreign market with the maximum reliability and solid professional support on the ground.

Given their half-century of experience, RADDI & Associates is also able to offer professional support services to overseas firms looking to set up agencies, branches or subsidiaries in Italy.
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- Nominee
- services
- Merger & Acquisition
- Tax planning compliance
- Fusion
- Business incorporation
- Tax litigation
- Corporate groups
- Management control
- Transfers
- Demergers


- Fiduciary firms
- Tax consultancy
- Business administration
- Multinational company
- Accounting financial planning
- International taxation
- Fiduciary appointments